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* I have been holding classes/lectures in artistic editing of children/family photos for more than six years. More than 
500 of my workshops have been arranged in Russia as well as Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, etc). My workshops and 
courses are suitable for any level of proficiency from novice to experienced photographers and even mothers who 
have just bought a reflex camera and dream about taking beautiful pictures of their children, as I adopt the 
content of what I offer individually to every single customer's needs based on their skills and learning objectives. 
After having completed an individual course, a participant has all my skills in photography, editing and marketing. In addition, these students also get a motivational kick to get started :)
 A course can include: basics of artistic photography perception, going through the primary rules of working with natural lighting, a photosession day, marketing and promoting essentials, how to find clients and work with a client database, a complete course of editing and converting in Camera RAW, and a complete course in artistic editing in Photoshop. 

   * The programs that are used during the course include: 
- Adobe Bridge CС (English version); 
- Camera RAW; 
- Adobe Photoshop CС 2017 (English version) 

* If you are interested in organizing a workshop please be 
sure to contact me via my e-mail: blitsena@yandex.ru

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Алма - Ата 15 - 16 июля 2017г.

Воркшоп + Мастер Класс с новой программой.
Организатор Наталья https://www.facebook.com/plush.nata

25 - 26 February, 2016 Riga

Workshop + Master class with a new program.
More info - on Facebook

18 - 19 june, 2016 Augsburg

Workshop + Master class with a new program. Organizer - Inna