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NEW!!! Everything for retouching!

Actions package for Photoshop

  • Great result in a couple clicks;
  • Fresh looking face;
  • Even skin tone;
  • The actions are structured and sequenced;
  • In this action pack you can find everything essential for high-quality portrait retouching;
  • Skin texture remains absolutely the same;
  • No redness;
  • Quick and high-quality skin refinement;
  • Eye editing: adding sparkling to the eyes, eye color depth;
  • Perks of the actions: colossal editing efficiency;
  • Every portrait manipulation turns into an algorithm which helps you spare your editing time;
  • Thanks to the quality of the actions every photo you edit looks classy and polished;
  • Using these actions helps you not to get stuck in the editing layers;
  • This action pack includes a detailed video tutorial on how to use it;
  • Should you have any questions or require further assistance regarding purchases please have a look at Purchase Instructions;

If you have problems or questions about purchase, read this Instruction

190 €


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Warm toning

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